It’s always fun to see these wonderful women! Low score today because we didn’t win.
Great for the IPA lover who doesn’t want the hoppiness to be a competition!
The spot on upper QA was a perfect choice for a fast dinner after a long day!
Good sunny day beer
Very light and crisp, with the IPA finish. Very inexpensive at TJs, too. #deschutes #ipa #trader-joes
Great limited series with Will Forte and Siobhán Cullen as journalists investigating the disappearance of 3 at a Halloween festival 20 years ago in Bodkin, Ireland. As they dig deeper, they uncover a web of stories that pulls them in and gets more elaborate and intricate. Not predictable and the story ends well. Recommended. 7 episodes. #netflix #limited-series
The main character is doing some soul-searching as a philosophy teacher, encouraging students to find themselves, while he's undercover - pretending to be a hardened hit man for-hire. It had a few other layers that worked together well. Overall, fun and entertaining. #movie #glen-powell #adria-arjona

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