Ratings Swards Apr 12
You can also say nice things without tags. Up to you.
Ratings Swards Apr 12
They just got better, because now you can filter them with #tags
Joka Swards Apr 10
Another puddle bath today. Cut the ball-throwing short.
Joka Swards Apr 08
Decided to bathe in a puddle
Wish I had another loaf
Stocked up on cauliflower!
Joka Swards Apr 08
Joka Swards Apr 08
Joka Swards Apr 08
Pretty cool girl
Got a 90!
Hurkle durkle Apr 07
Let's lounge in bed today
Very nice. Eugene is a great town.
Mondays megs Jan 30
7 bad nights I a row ☹️
Dogs megs Nov 10
Love sitting with these guys in the morning!❤️
So good today!
What a game!
Love the Hansgrille!
Nicely toasted with a sprinkle of salt.
Marcus Swards Oct 08
Marcus's version of Take the Skinheads bowling is always a huge hit!
They sound great! #band #music
Great atmosphere for outdoor music!
Car alarms megs Oct 07
When they go off the can ruin the ambience..
Awesome round, discs were flying straight today, beautiful last sunshiney day of the year maybe.
Love this little toaster. "A bit more" works well. Bagel mode works as expected.
Joka megs Oct 07
Steak Swards Oct 07
Afternoon steaks with a little red wine.  Nothing fancy, delicious.
It was a great finale.  I wasn't sure about this show in the first few episodes, but as the season went on, the great writing and plot twists were there throughout.  Meryl was awesome.  Great season.
Joka Swards Oct 06
Lovely girl in the woods.