4.35 May 24 Boston at night 4.4 May 24 Ciao Roma -2.55 May 21 Boston Traffic 4.35 May 21 Wing dome 2.95 May 20 Wag n wash 3.65 May 20 The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare 4.85 May 20 Editing Ratings 3.35 May 20 Joka 2.5 May 18 The Judge 2.85 May 18 Targy's 3.5 May 17 Elemental 4.3 May 15 Seattle Mariners 4.3 May 15 Local Time 4.3 May 15 My Dinner 3.8 May 14 Valhalla Sandwiches 2.45 May 14 Rowing workout 4.3 May 13 Garmin 945 5.0 May 13 Mom 4.4 May 13 Ratings 1.5 May 13 Last night’s sleep 1.45 May 13 Pickle ball 5.0 May 12 Megs 4.15 May 11 Ratings 3.5 May 10 Stars and Arrows Icons -1.6 May 08 Sleep 4.45 May 08 Stars and Arrows Icons 3.9 May 08 Joka 2.05 Apr 12 Ratings 3.75 Apr 12 Ratings -1.7 Apr 10 Joka -2.65 Apr 08 Joka 3.2 Apr 08 Marty's Rye Bread 2.7 Apr 08 Trader Joe's 4.75 Apr 08 Joka 4.4 Apr 08 Joka 3.15 Apr 08 Joka
Just love the energy of #Boston at night, lots of people out, the city looks great! It's warm tonight and fun to be out. This is our view from the #Hyatt on the #Cambridge side of the #charles-river
This North End restaurant in #Boston is cozy and right in the middle of the North End Square, just around the corner from great dessert shops. The six of us had a great time after my daughter's graduation. Fun night!
An hour from the airport to Cambridge, and that's thanks to some creative routes taken by our Uber driver. Otherwise I think we'd still be at Logan.
Monday is $10 wings
Salads are better than they used to be. Wings are good, sauces are not like the traditional buffalo hot sauce. Owen got the Bigger Badder cheese wings. It's like an Alfredo sauce, kinda makes sense. Kevin was our waiter, he's excellent! #greenwood #seattle
Tag had a nice walk, got her nails dremeled. Very quick, it took about 5 minutes. #queenanne
It's a fun #movie with tons of action. A little tough to follow, not as threaded as a normal Guy Ritchie movie, but the direction and delivery were classic Ritchie. Very entertaining and a bit of a history lesson as well.
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Tired out easily today
Pretty good #movie - better than expected. Robert Duvall is always excellent. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1872194/
Lots of TVs
Local dive bar on Queen Anne. Pretty good place for watching sports. Unfortunately, the Bruins lost.
Had the Flyin' Hawaiian and the Pepperoni with Mikes hot honey sauce. Pepperoni was better I think, great time on Owen's 18th! #seattle #restaurant
Nice win today!
5 out save by Munoz. Hung on with runners on 1st and 3rd. Great end of the game. #seattle
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"The chicken is cooked perfectly!"
I was dialed in on the barbecue. Also, the beef bulgogi was so good my son wondered what was up. Salad was awesome, thanks @megs!
Love the Rolls!
Great sandwiches on ciabatta rolls. I had the ham and cheddar with arugula. Delish. #greenwood #seattle
Low impact
Got the heart rate up, 2nd day in a row.
Love how long the battery lasts. Looking forward to trying the UDisc app. And I finally figured out how to customize it! I'm not really a steps tracker, changing the data fields on the main screen makes it even better
She's the Best!
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!
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A little rocky.
Last night's sleep was not perfect, got to bed late and woke up early, but luckily I got back to sleep and picked up another couple hours.
Played twice yesterday and still aching today.
Happy Mothers Day!
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Just cleaned them up. They are looking a lot nicer now. SVGs aren't so bad.
Nice Girl!
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They just got better, because now you can filter them with #tags
Another puddle bath today. Cut the ball-throwing short.
Decided to bathe in a puddle

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