Mondays megs Jan 30
7 bad nights I a row ☹️
Dogs megs Nov 10
Love sitting with these guys in the morning!❤️
So good today!
What a game!
Love the Hansgrille!
Car alarms megs Oct 07
When they go off the can ruin the ambience..
Joka megs Oct 07
Joka megs Oct 05
Joka megs Oct 05
Seahawks megs Oct 03
Hi Hawks!
Hitting the spot!
I just know it’s going to be good!
Yelp megs Sep 30
Asked for sushi and it gave me Jack in the box
He did really good work today. And he was feeling a bit under the weather.
Particularly good. Boy is getting ready, razzing Mark, smelling banana bread baking…
Well done- tragic that the US government hasn’t made good in their promises to these souls who helped and protected US servicemen.
Minus 1 for #driving
It’s the best part of my day, so this rating is very sensitive.
Gettin it done
US Open megs Sep 04
US Open megs Sep 04

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