Joka Sep 25

She can be pretty cute. Starting to walk a lot better on a leash. :)

Jacob Sep 25

Inspirational friend.

I really liked this, if it wasn't Jake gyllenhall and guy Ritchie, it would be a pretty standard Hollywood movie. Raises the issue of what the interpreters in Iraq did to help the us and how we should repay them

Ruby on Rails Sep 26

Amazing how much can be done by one person in Ruby on Rails. They continue to pack more functionality into the core. It's really fun to work in RoR on a small project.

Three lunches, tasty

Great episode, this mystery is coming to a close. #season3 #episode9

Dinner Sep 29

Home cooked baked #chicken delish.

Joka Oct 06
One crazy lady
Joka Oct 06
Joka Oct 06
Lovely girl in the woods.

It was a great finale.  I wasn't sure about this show in the first few episodes, but as the season went on, the great writing and plot twists were there throughout.  Meryl was awesome.  Great season.
Steak Oct 07
Afternoon steaks with a little red wine.  Nothing fancy, delicious.
Love this little toaster. "A bit more" works well. Bagel mode works as expected.
Awesome round, discs were flying straight today, beautiful last sunshiney day of the year maybe.
Great atmosphere for outdoor music!
They sound great!
#band #music
Marcus Oct 08
Marcus's version of Take the Skinheads bowling is always a huge hit!
Nicely toasted with a sprinkle of salt.